The Cornish Cheese Board

The Cornish Cheeseboard

  • Cornish Blue

    Award winning cheeses with a Gorgonzola style texture and a soft creamy centre. Made from pasteurised milk on Bodmin Moor

  • Cornish Brie

    A traditional mould ripened cheese. Also available as a rectangle for sandwich cutting

  • Organic Cornish Brie

  • St Endellion Brie

    A luxurious Brie made with double cream

  • Cornish Yarg 3Kg wheel

    The nettle covering produces a distinctive rind and gives a unique flavour that is creamy under the crust but firm and slightly crumbly towards the centre
    Also available as a 1Kg wheel (Baby Yarg)

  • Wild Garlic Yarg

    Infused with wild garlic, a fresh clean taste with a familiar yet subtle flavour.

  • Cornish Crumbly

    Similar to a Lancashire, it ripens with a lovely acidity and creamy texture

  • Smuggler

    An attractive farmhouse cheese with attractive red marbling and deep creamy flavour throughout

  • Trelawney

    Semi hard mould ripened cheese with a clean, lemony flavour with creamy aftertaste and slightly crumbly moist texture

  • Miss Muffet

    Similar to Trelawney . A creamy , supple, sweet continental style cheese

  • Keltic Gold

    A pungent cheese, the rind is rubbed and washed with cider twice a week during ripening. With distinctive colouring, it has an earthy, creamy flavour

  • Helford Blue

    Soft and creamy yet full of flavour. Mould forms on the outside giving a greyish blue rind

  • Helford White

    A soft white cheese with a tangy flavour. Apricot/pink edible rind


  • Cornish Smoked Cheddar

  • Plain Cornish Gouda

    A semi-mature Gouda style cheese made in Cornwall

  • Tomato & Herb Cornish Gouda

    A mild Gouda style cheese made in Cornwall and flavoured with tomato & herbs – reminiscent of pizza

  • Fenugreek Flavoured Cornish Gouda

    A mild Gouda style cheese made in Cornwall and flavoured with fenugreek

  • Bosvean

    A young mild Caerphilly style cheese. Mould ripened with a crisp white interior. From the Allet Dairy goat herd near Truro

  • Cornish Fiesta

    Cornish Feta style cheese marinated in herbs, chilli and oil

  • 5 x 200g Chatel Brie

    Cornish Brie (same as the 1Kg wheel) for retail

  • 5 x 200g St Endellion Brie

    Cornish Brie made with double cream (same as the 1Kg wheel) for retail

  • 5 x 200g Cornish Camembert

    Delicious creamy soft cheese which is full of flavour, gentle aroma and soft white rind

  • 150g Blue Horizon

    Smaller brother of the Helford Blue

  • 100g Helford White

    Smaller brother of the Helford White


  • Davidstow Cornish Classic 200g (Mature)
  • Davidstow Cornish Classic 350g (Mature)
  • Davidstow Cornish Crackler 320g (Extra Mature)
  • Davidstow Cornish Classic 5Kg Mature

Whilst this is a selection of our most popular cheeses, we are constantly looking out for others and can source almost anything. Call Tom on 07984649602