Butter & Spreads

From handmade 250g rolls of butter to 2Kg tubs of catering spread, we stock it all.

Again, we predominantly like to push our range of Cornish butters (250g salted, 250g unsalted, individual size 7 portions), but we also offer Wyke Farm, L’escure as well as Dunn’s handmade Devon butter rolls.

On the spread front, we stock everything from retail size Utterly Butterly and Clover through to 2Kg catering tubs of Golden Summer (ideal for baking) and 2Kg tubs of Utterly Butterly.

Trex, Lard and Stork are all available on 24 hours notice.


  • 250g Cornish x 40 (Salted)
  • 250g Cornish x 20 (Unsalted)
  • 150 x Cornish Number 7 Butter Portions
  • 250g Wyke Farm x 20 Salted Butter
  • 250g Wyke Farm x 20 (Unsalted Butter)
  • Lescure Unsalted Rolls 20 x 250g
  • 250g Castle Dairy x 40 (Salted)
  • 250g Castle Dairy x 40 (Unsalted)


  • 2Kg Summer County Spread
  • 2Kg Utterly Butterly
  • 500g Clover x 24
  • 250g Utterly Butterly x 16
  • 500g Utterly Butterly x 16
  • 10g Flora Portions x 120